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Television SeriesCOMPLETED


Skippy-Adventures in Bushland 1998
26x24 mins.

Skippy, Australia’s best loved and internationally famous kangaroo, stars in his own animated TV series. Skippy is the bush-wise, street-smart Park Ranger of the coastal village of Bushtown, where he uses his cool head and keen wit to keep the peace. But the town’s mean, green Mayor, Croco the crocodile, has other plans. Bullied by his ridiculously vain and greedy wife and backed by his team of thugs, Croco attempts to get his hands on everything in Bushtown - especially the money. With the help of his friend Matilda, the savvy TV reporter for Bushtown’s current affairs show, Skippy manages to foil the schemes of Mayor Croco and his goons.

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