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Television Series Completed

Tabaluga Series 1 1997
26x24 mins.

Tabaluga is the story of the last surviving dragon on earth. The tiny green hero uses courage and kindness combined with some incredible fire-breathing and flying skills to outsmart his adversary – the evil Arktos, who dreams of covering the world with ice and snow! What a delightful character for children all over the world to be watching as he shows us how to work together to find non-violent solutions for our problems.

Tabaluga Series 2 2001
26x24 mins.

The internationally famous dragon again delights children with his adventures in mythical Greenland. All his old friends are by his side as Tabaluga continues to protect his beautiful homeland. Arktos is up to his old tricks, but now Greenland has a new adversary - Humsin, Lord of the Desert, whose evil threatens the very balance of nature and challenges Tabaluga to new heights of courage and wisdom.

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